This World Is Not My Home…

…But as I pass through on my 
way HOME, this world proves to 
be a learning center of thorns and roses, experiences that send me in search of the tools I need to function in this present world. The Lord’s precious words guide me, as the thorn-and-rose experiences prepare me for His everlasting kingdom.

The New Testament teaches us about the life of Jesus. Through the New Testament and the Holy Spirit, He explains His teachings, giving us the testimonies of the apostles and their eye witness accounts. He also encourages us, and gives hope of new life for saints and sinners alike.

Within the Old Testament, God teaches us how He spoke this world into existence, created man and breathed into him a living soul. Without the Old Testament our beginnings would still be a mystery. The Old Testament also shows us the fall of man and God’s unending supply of mercy.

LET THERE BE is a compilation of some of my thoughts on beginnings. In essence, it is the book of Genesis in poetry. My prayer is that the reader will be blessed and that sinners would reconsider their ways.